Single Serve K 1 Keyton Personal Blender with Travel Lid

Single Serve K 1 Keyton Personal Blender with Travel Lid

In this review, I'm going to talk about the Single Serve Keyton K-1 Personal Blender with Travel Lid, which turned out to be the best fit for my needs.

According to its overall great buyer ratings and reviews, this blender seems to be an excellent choice for people who like to make their own healthy smoothies and shakes.

One of the things I like most about it is the travel lid which makes it easy to take my smoothie with me almost anywhere I go, and that is a huge benefit for me!


  • High powered 300-watt motor, which crushes and pulverizes ice and frozen fruits
  • Suctions on the blender's feet that make sure it stands still while in use
  • One-touch operation, and the blender can also function hands-free
  • Sports lid which makes it very easy to whip out your favorite shake or smoothie to go in no time
  • Guaranteed for your safety, the blender is UL certified, and the jar is BPA free
I really do like the design of the Keyton K-1 blender. It doesn't take up too much space in your kitchen, and actually, because of its smooth design, it will even look decorative in your kitchen, when not in use.

Product Performance

While I'm mostly very happy about this blender, it sometimes irritates me how narrow the bottle is.

Because of that, my fruits and vegs or whatever I'm blending at that moment tends to get stuck in the middle, needing me to shake it a few times until the ingredients become just the way I want them to be.


The Keyton personal blender's dimensions are 5 x 5 15 inches, which is similar to most other blenders. The included PPA free jug is 21 oz, and the product itself weighs 2.8 pounds.


  • Beautiful, sleek design
  • It is easy to use and clean
  • It is portable, so taking your smoothie or shake to go is a breeze
  • It takes up little space
  • It doesn't stain from your colorful fruits


  • The bottle is sometimes too narrow to blend your ingredients well enough
  • It doesn't have liquid measurement marks
  • Even though listed as dishwasher safe, too warm water seems to disfigure the bottle


How much will it cost me is an important question to ask when we need to spend our hard earned money on things we need. But as we all know, prices tend to change rapidly and we consider ourselves lucky when we strike a great deal on the product we're looking for.

Single Serve Keyton K 1 Personal Blender with Travel Lid Rating

Because of this, I can't reveal the current price of the Keyton K-1 Portable Personal Blender, but based on the price when purchased and overall great customer ratings, I'm happy with my purchase. I know it's pros and cons so I just deal with that. In my case, I consider my money well spent.

If you want more power and quicker results, you'll probably want another personal blender, which is most likely going to cost you more.

All in all, I hope that my Single Serve K-1 Keyton Personal Blender review will help you make the decision whether to buy it or not. But before you do, please hit the Check Price button here below and read the whole page to make your own decision. If you agree with my review here, I'm sure you'll be as happy with your purchase as I am!

Single Serve Keyton K 1 Personal Blender with Travel Lid