Rustic Kitchen and Dining Storage Cabinet

Rustic Kitchen and Dining Storage Cabinet

As an admirer of handmade products, I was thrilled when I came across this rustic kitchen and dining storage cabinet.

The one I discovered is painted in dark red, but can also be purchased in white, teal, and yellow mustard colors.

Each product is hand distressed to give it the look and feel of having been in your family for ages, just beautiful!

The measures are 48" x 35" x 12.5", which makes it ideal for those who are short on space but want a decorative, yet sturdy piece of furniture in their home.

You can display your favorite china in it, and give it extra warmth and coziness by adding e.g. flowers and a little lamp on top, just like you see here on the picture to your left.

I really love the rustic, distressed look and feel of this cabinet, and I know it will be a perfect match for my dining room.