Large Custom Raised Dog Food Bowl Stand

Large Custom Raised Dog Food Bowl Stand

I find this large custom raised dog food bowl stand absolutely gorgeous and even very decorative!

It is handmade from natural wood and painted with non-toxic paint, so it is safe for your pet.

You can choose between 24 colors, and have it personalized with your dog's name and have cute paw prints painted on each end.

The standard measurements are 21.5" x 10.25" x 11.75", but you can also order it in other sizes, according to the artisan.

If your dog is medium sized or big, you're probably aware they can have problems downing their food while eating the traditional way, and even get sick.

Therefore, eating from an elevated meal bowl like this one will immensely help them to chew and digest their food in a more healthy way.

A happy dog means a happy owner! :)